Pope Francis calls for an end to indifference to migrant tragedies


Photo: Tizian Steiger/Getty Images
On Thursday, 10, Pope Francis made a call for an end to indifference to tragedies involving migrants, through a tweet on his @Pontifex account, in which he spoke about a recent shipwreck involving a migrant boat in the Mediterranean.

“With sorrow I heard about the news of the shipwreck involving migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Let us not remain indifferent to these tragedies, and let us pray for the victims and their families”, Pope Francis wrote.

According to the four survivors, three men and one woman, 45 people, including three children, were on board the boat, which departed from Sfax, Tunisia. The boat reportedly capsized after being hit by strong waves and the life jackets worn by 15 of the migrants did not help them save themselves.

According to data from IOM’s (International Organization for Migration) Missing Migrants project, more than 2,000 migrants disappeared in the Mediterranean by 2023, most of them in the Central Mediterranean, the route used by migrants departing from Libya or Tunisia.

By Amanda Almeida, from the Communication Team

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